Adam and Nina

Charlotte, NC

Adam and I had been dating over four years and we had been talking about getting married for a while. To get a feel for what kind of ring I would want, I went on a weekend trip with Kelly and Sarah Lane to the Jewelry Exchange. Even with the excitement and the overwhelming amount of choices, the Shooks were great about explaining the options, what to look for and letting me look at my options more times than I would like to admit. Even after looking, Adam told me not to get too excited and not to expect anything before the summer.

After a few weeks went by, Adam suggested that we go to the Yadkin Valley for a wine tasting with his parents. Thinking nothing of the trip, on the way up to Raffaldini I received a text from Adam’s mom, Britt, that they were running late, but we should go ahead and get started without them. After a few tastings, the server took us out in to the vineyards to show the different kinds of grapes. Afterwards, he suggested that we go to their old tasting room to see where they got started. As soon as we talked in the door, I knew exactly what was going on. There were all of my favorite things on the table (tulips, wine, brownies) and I turned around to Adam on one knee with the exact ring I was hoping for.

Overall, I couldn’t have wished for anything more … and the Jewelry Exchange was so great throughout the entire process. It’s such a special time and we couldn’t imagine doing it again any other way.

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